Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Autumn Foliage Candle Holder

My favorite stained glass candle holder. I made this a few years ago and it sits on my coffee table year round. Measuring 15" in length, it holds 3 votive candles and just glows when they are lit.
I've only made 3 of these, the leaves and berries are a lot of work and time consuming but so worth the effort.

Christmas candle holder

I made this sweet candle holder using four pieces of glass I fused in my kiln. I added some beautiful clear mottled glass, red glass nuggets and green glass jewels as accents. Measuring 8" x 3" this piece is the perfect size to hold tealights or votives. It has a mirror base that adds to the reflective value when candles are lit!

Christmas Bevels

I just love these precut Christmas bevels that come in many different designs. Just add some of your own glass for accents and Viola! you've created a beautiful gift! Many of these that I've made over the years hang in people's windows year round...so beautiful when the sun streams through them and creates a prism!
If you're interested in one of these, send me a note!